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Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
Articulation See Transfer Articulation
Batch Audit Audits produced in an overnight batch process for a defined group of students. Batch audits are requested through the Office of Transfer Articulation and Degree Audit.
Catalog Year/Term The term in which a student enters a particular degree program; typically, the first term of enrollment at UIC. This determines program requirements as defined in the University Catalog.
uAchieve UIC’s degree audit reporting system.
Degree Audit An individualized comprehensive report that reflects academic progress toward a specific degree program.
dprog see Program
Effective Dates A date range indicating when a specific rule (e.g., an articulation or a degree program requirement) is applicable. For example, a degree program requirement is updated because a new course is added to the list of courses which can be used to fulfill the requirement. The course only applies to the requirement if the student enrolls in the course within the effective date range.
Exceptions Changes made by an advisor to a student’s degree audit. Examples include matching UIC or transfer courses to specific degree requirements, waivers and other special circumstances.
FICE The six-digit institutional identifier assigned to each higher education institution. In uAchieve this is known as the Source ID.
Hypothetical Refers to a course added in uAchieve to see what effect it would have on degree program completion. Hypothetical courses are viewable in only in uAchieve audits.
Legend A brief summary of status indicators, grades and symbols used in the audit.
Plan Also known as a Planning Guide or Transfer Guide; a tool in TransferologyLab that lists the requirements for a selected degree program and shows how an individual student’s courses may apply toward completion of a specifically selected degree program at UIC
Plan with Equivalencies Like a regular Plan, but includes a listing of courses from a selected transfer institution that may be used to satisfy requirements at UIC
Program The curriculum/major code used in the audit or batch reports
Pseudo or Pseudoname Created names used when direct course-to-course articulations are not possible. Pseudos allow completed transfer credit to apply toward selected degree requirements. Example: CREATIVE ARTS
Requirement Independent components of the degree program that must be completed
Source Refers to a transfer institution or transfer course
Source ID see FICE
Sub requirement Separate components that make up a single requirement; the specific details of what is needed to complete that requirement.
TA see Transfer Articulation
TA Tables The tables in uAchieve that hold articulation rules.
Target Refers to the UIC equivalent of a transfer (source) course
TES An online library that provides access to information for over 41,000 colleges in a searchable database. TES can be used to collect course descriptions from various transfer institutions, in order to articulate courses.
Transfer Articulation The process of reviewing transfer courses and matching those courses to a specific UIC course or to a particular general education or major requirement.
Transferology Transferology, a replacement for, is a web-based advising system that provides consistent and up-to-date information about degree requirements and transfer equivalencies.
Transferology Lab Transferology Lab is the companion site to Transferology. It provides transfer course information for specific groups such as college administrators and advisors, and is a tool designed to aid them in advising their transfer students with transfer course equivalencies.
What-If A feature that can be utilized to run an audit against any major. This is helpful for the student considering a major and/or college change.